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I agree :) thumbs up

you idiot!!! youll never be a bagel!!

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gives feeling cathartic,  collage of dreams in for livingroom..


It's hard to capture this great game in words! It's mostly living collages for you to explore, and you'll be overwhelmed with writing and different aesthetics. It's truly original and ignites your imagination for what games can be.


This game still remains my indie GoTY for 2019, and I almost always recommend it to people regardless of what their tastes are. I especially recommend it to folks who are holding $6 in their sweaty little hands and timidly asking me what I think they should spend the money on.

It has such a powerful personality to it, the music is great, the visuals are lethally charming, and the writing, oh good heavens don't get me started on the writing. It's simultaneously super funny while being very earnest, a rare balance in this day and age where a lot of people believe being chronically ironic (ironically chronic???) is the solution to tickling people's funny bones.

Either way, if you haven't bought 10 Beautiful Postcards you're missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You get tons of rooms to explore, this hotel does truly expand beyond the farthest horizon as far as I am concerned.

A good hotel is worth a million words, as my English professor used to say.


By any chance, are you garnettdistrict the creator of Of The Killer series?


This game gave me really intense motion sickness, I think it's to do with the delayed dragging effect as you move around the screen. 


Once again I'm regretting being a mac user

Neither the 32 bit version nor the 64 bit version would work. 32's excuse was that it needed to be updated. The icon had a little gray "no" sign on it and everything. For 64, Finder kept telling me the application couldn't be opened. So I deleted and redownloaded and this time unzipped the files with The Unarchiver instead of Archive Utility (which is the mac default). Then I just keep trying until the "developer cannot be verified" message goes away (right click>open, not double click). When I finally get it to open it gives me a graphics and input select screen. This is an excellent sign. But when I click "play!" it disappears and I get the "10 beautiful postcards quit unexpectedly" message. Do this 4 or 5 times. give up.

But wait! thrilling news! went through all those steps again to make sure I wrote them down right, and now, the 6th time unzipping that 64 file and telling finder that I do indeed want to open this app from an unidentified developer, it finally works! like i click play and got a title screen! The only difference was I chose "simple" instead of "good" in graphics select screen.

No idea if this is helpful for you, mr hotel dev. I know macs are stinky. But I hope this is helpful for other mac users out there.

I will edit this once I actually. You know. Play the game.

I can't play this game on my MacBook. t^t

are you playing the correct version?


my favorite game!! thank you again!!

Delightful hotel


oozing with charm, boppin beats, and funny writing, this hotel is one you'll never wanna leave

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one of the most beautiful games i have ever played

wasn't able to get running in Ubuntu 18.04. I did make it executable but get the error "Failed to execute process './10 Beautiful Postcards.x86'. Reason:

The file './10 Beautiful Postcards.x86' does not exist or could not be executed." Possibly a specific loader is needed?

the space in the filename might be messing you up, have you tried running it from a file browser?

unfortunately, removing space still gets same result. and i tried in a file browser as well.

well i'm 6 months late but hey

confusing error message, but the game is 32-bit so you need multilib enabled ( and 32-bit dependencies installed

thanks for the tip but unfortunately that looks like a good way to bork my system

Okay, 30 minutes later....I did go through this hilariously full of pitfalls document. I followed it, and cross-checked with other tutorials/recipes online for ubuntu 18.04 and still no dice. bummer.

totally understand not wanting to break your system, i can say multiarch is generally pretty stable. betting you're still missing dependencies, can check

ldd "10 Beautiful Postcards.x86"

for any "not found" entries, which you'll have to figure out how to source from the repos. google should be helpful for figuring out which packages you need for a certain library filename, and remember you need to install the 32-bit version (I believe that's ":i386" after the package name in the install command)

this is definitely a little complicated so idm, i'm just providing da information for you or anyone else who stumbles across this thread :)

I tried again and managed to get all packages installed, which incidentally was another 350mb. Anyway, even after all that, no missing packages, but when i tried to run i got the error: Couldn't find data folder.

I love your games. Thank you for making them!


thank u mr mites


Absolute 100/10 hotel, its a real treasure for my brain meat to be able to come and relax into it.

im dizzy and frightened and think i learned something

absolutely frighteningly brilliant stuff!!

Looks awesome!!!


very dusty! it tickles my nose. 5 stars!

an accommodation miracle

★★★★☆ 4/5 "It's great!"
Great rooms, comfy beds (as soon as my head touched the pillow my karma stat reset to neutral), great great great room service, but i do have a miner complaint (he dug up all of my minerals) thanks for the great hotel, steve! Actually I changed my mind i gotta change my rating to 5.
★★★★★ 5/5 "Yeah!"

I will stay here whenever I am in town.


This hotel was a thorough delight to play. I smiled, I lol'd, and I reveled in the charming adventure the whole way through. 10 Beautiful Postcards is an absolute treasure, and I am grateful to have experienced it. Inspiring!



i love this thank u

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Collision is nothing :)

(it's truly a work of art.)


< 333