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This was one of the games ever


the goblets are back... they never left, really

This game is

Something else

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Please accept this map of Goblet Grotto Version 1.0. I am expecting some changes and it will be updated if i find anything new...

DUUUUUDE THANK YOU can i put this on my goblet grotto fansite with credit??? this is SUCH a giant help thank you for this


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Certified Hood classic right here



I'm so glad I can play this game now without my eardrums bursting at the seams from the glyphs

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as invincible and silent as god intended a frog 2 b. i love it. i could never play before but now i can happily spend hours relaxing + murdering skeletons A++/A++ highly recommend seller


heads up tho. if you go to secrets mode and change options, but also use level select the secrets mode options don't seem to work?? they do when you play normally, just not through level select. unless i've missed smth!



what a classic!

wait, i'm confused. is this game made by this person or the game was old and cracked by this person?? (sorry bad grammar)


This is the same developer, they just started uploading all their non-commercial projects up here recently.

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i am still able to be killed by dogs while selecting "toad is unable to die :)" in cracktro options  :(

EDIT: One must press the enter button on your keyboard in the options screen in order to become invincible

Secrets Mode is just what the doctor ordered!


Goblet Grotto.... the legendary game.... Is it time to revisit this mysterious classic and uncover all secrets??


i've always been endlessly fascinated by this game and all it's lore and hidden language/religion. It's just so big and open ended, i love it


gg has always meant a lot to me i love that its uploaded here now!!!! also is the secrets mode song available anywhere? it doesnt look like its on bandcamp


hai pesky

OOOOOOOUUU hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hell yeah!!


A timeless classic!!!