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Phillip and Leg Horse set off on a mission to find the mysterious City Of Forms. In their travels they must overcome ghosts, criminals, hypnosis, lions, Dracula, cryptic letters, muscle hedonists, swamp knights,  blood ghouls, and more to discover the secret of Space Funeral.

Originally released September 2010. Made in RPG Maker 2003. Music credits in game and in "Music" folder of download.

This has been re-exported from the latest RM2k3 version which should hopefully fix any font issues.


Arrow keys - walk

Z - interact

X - menu

Published 14 days ago
GenreRole Playing
TagsRPG Maker


Space Funeral.zip 46 MB


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So good!

one of my favs, incredible work. amazing writing + art + music. rest in peace mizutani

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i love this game. probably my favorite rpg maker game of all time.

i played this a long time ago.

My eyes are blessed again to see this masterpiece TT-TT)

Happy to see this here.

Great to see this legend leave the jolt harbour to arrive at our comfy itchio home.

we LOVE to see it!!!

love this world so much

one of the best, very glad to see it on itch :)

Thank you so much for adding this absolute classic to Itch.io much appreciated! Seriously a landmark of RPG Maker games and holds up so well. 

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An absolute classic and now it's available on twitch

I really dig all your stuff thecatamites, both old and new.

Keep being awesome!


Space funeral is finally on itch.io. Probably because gamejolt sent many devs an email recently in december of 2021 stating that they are deleting games that are mature. Gamejolt then proceeded to take down everyones pages immediately then backtracked in January 2022 after emails of complaints and gave everyone more time to dispute such a claim or make an update to fans that the game will be removed.

Anyways, space funeral is one of the best games that I've ever played. I highly recommend. Give it a try.


Beautiful music, especially the beginning


very happy to see this here. one of my favorite games of yours, and will always have a special place in my heart. thank you for what you do mr catamite man

So glad this classic is finally on itch! Can't wait to hang out with stoner dracula

hear a question where you were inspired to make this game? I don't know why this game reminds me a bit of yume nikki and off

Seminal blood. The best blood that ever blooded. Great to finally see it here.


a timeless classic!!!


gonna echo other comments, although i love all your games, this is the game that made me actually start trying to make my own stuff, thanks so much for doing what you do


I am so glad this game exists, this was very inspirational and encouraging for me to start developing games.

I feel like this is the perfect example of a game in that it shows anyone who wants to make something fun can make something VERY fun regardless of any limitation.

Thanks a ton for making this game thecatamites!!!


seminal work. thank you for uploading it here as well. love forever 


Love this game more than words can express, always and forever. ART.


It's always exciting to see the game that got me into game development in new places.


Whats the reason for finally uploading all the classics to itch? the gamejolt bans?


Yep, probably won't bother taking down the pages there but did want to back everything up just in case


wow, finally available on itch.io, it's a great game, very original!