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maybe there is problem with soundtrack every time i engage battle or return back in previous areas music stops..

Anyway I really enjoyed the game!

An RPGmaker classic

one of the games of all time

Second part cuz I liked it enough.

Here's my gameplay. Surprisingly charming.


I did a playthrough of this:

This remains one of my all-time favourite RPGmaker games.


As an appropriation for games you made. Tumblr 

"After returning from her hiatus, BB decides to hold a Q and A to engage more with her zine readers. She's so excited for it, she'll even bring in her sister and friends to answer. Hopefully BB can make time to answer three questions every Thursday..." Based-on _____ of the killer, "TheCatamites" who created THIS GAME, is also known today as garmentdistrict in gamejolt.



drink the blood and smoke the weed


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this really gives me weird MS-DOS vibes


one of my fav developers of all time


i dont need friends when i can play all the quirky rpg maker games


Such a great game and experience, big love 👏

A joy


best game ever




Yooo Space Funeral on Let's goooooo


this is the first time i've ever seen this game but It feels like I've played it  before. is that weird? Should I consult my cat?

but for reals though, this is amazing. This really is my first time playing and honestly I think I kinda fell in love dude. What an amazing thing you've made. definitely a fan of your work.  I really don't have much words to describe how this art made me feel. love it, love you, thanks a bunch 

(also thanks for the opportunity to exploit your amazing art game for video views) 

(also if you are a youtuber reading this comment and consider playing this on your channel some of the music, {battle theme specifically}  is copyrighted so... yeah. talk over the battles if you can)





This was one of the first indie games I ever played, and it's still one of my favorite pieces of art period


holy shit i love this game!!



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Space Funeral in all of its glory. Thank you for uploading one of the greatest games of all time. 


At first I thought "Wait, why did this game appears on fresh game group", now I know why. Tbh didnt expecting Thecatamites still on these days considering the game is like more than decades old, but happy that this games are back on the surfaces. Hope this could bring more people to play and enjoy this weirdtastic game, and perhaps also revive the fanbase




One of the weirdest games I've ever played.


an absolute classic... i love this game with all my heart :)


I've never played this game until now, and I got to say, it's an experience, thank you.


The influence and importance of this game cannot be understated in the Indie Circuit. 


Yes — a foundational work.


Absolutely my favorite RPG maker game of all time. Quite possibly my plain ol' favorite game of all time. It's just got it.


Genuinely my most favorite RPGMaker game of all time. It inspired me with so many things.


I've been having audio issues with this version, there's a an electronic buzzing noise in all of the tracks. If anyone knows a fix I'd love to know.

So good!


one of my favs, incredible work. amazing writing + art + music. rest in peace mizutani

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i love this game. probably my favorite rpg maker game of all time.

i played this a long time ago.

My eyes are blessed again to see this masterpiece TT-TT)

Happy to see this here.

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