A downloadable virtual horror land

Development page for the "...Of The Killer" series of funny cartoon horror games.

Individual games released on Gamejolt will all be collected here in a loader following completion of 9th and final game.

The series so far....

  • Voice Of The Killer
    BB joins a call center on the edge of the city, but a horrible noise can be heard from the sea. Does the voice of the Killer sound out this far...?

  • Hands Of The Killer
    A strange sound is heard from within the walls of the apartment block - they say the hands of the Killer are roaming around.
  • Drool Of The Killer
    Beneath the tiles of the swimming pool complex, a new world is striving to be born. This is the TAMMY show, coming soon to a city near you.
  • Eyes Of The Killer
    It's the hit of the season and applause rings out night after night. But why do all the people that come to see it disappear? What does "immersive theatre" mean... and will BB survive to tell anybody else?
  • Flesh Of The Killer
    BB and her friends sneak into a tax exempt freeport on the edge of the city.  What kind of animal has been evolving underground in the forbidden Museum Of Moral Art?
  • Blood Of The Killer
    In the quiet country town the drinky birds lie dreaming and severed heads roll slowly down the street. BB must discover the terrible secret of the lost zine distro, or fall prey to its curse...
  • Ears Of The Killer
    A new music scene is forming - it's known as "Crime Wave" and all of the songs are about killing people. Can BB and her sister ZZ outrun the New Wave, or is it true nothing can change the shape of things to come?
  • Heart Of The Killer
    At the Dream Resort the days slip by quietly in the murmuring pines. At night a dreadful vision of desire stalks the halls.

Featuring hit soundtrack by Tommy Tone: https://trashtronix.bandcamp.com/album/of-the-killer

And posters and guest diorama art by A. Degen

Follow the page to keep alert of future murders.

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(51 total ratings)
TagsCartoon, Comedy, Horror, Mystery


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Real hot stuff this!

omgomgomg i love these games smm

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I had no idea this was you! Now and again I'd ask myself, where did thecatamites go? So glad to see you are still active! I am a big fan ever since Space Funeral, Goblet Grotto, Magic Wand, Mouse Corp...

I may have an idea for your next game of this series... If that's okay with you...
"Scent of the Killer" or "Smell of the Killer" or "Nose of the Killer"


made a personality database page for of the killer!! if you know about typology please go there and vote :3


Made an account just to comment on this, the fact that I adore this series and feel it deep in my soul, the trials and tribulations of punk and horror and ART as a chaotic, freeing, frustrating, fully human force, and the games also makes me laugh a lot 




INTERNET DWELLERZ TAKE NOTE... I was here before this blew up


happy easter!

she’s still adorable and I want to cuddle her. 

Gouda shit. Cannot wait for the 9th one!


I can't wait for the 9th game in the series! BB's adventures are charming, quirky, and uniquely bizarre.

Here's my playthrough of the first game, if anyone's interested:

They're all quite enjoyable, even though a lot of references can fly over my head because of how uncultured I am, oh well!

I've also done videos on the rest of the series (so far), the entire playlist can found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNHIV6VusiARR-bxCvvy6BYpU801X3dEK


somehow, i never found these! there's a whole world of wonders all around us




Lovely work. enjoyed these games very much.


Great stuff!


Every one of these is great. I particularly like Drool, Blood, and Ears. Excellent soundtrack, too. 

So, Drool was the first one but it is shown as between hands and eyes, does that mean that it takes place between them? 

as far as I am concerned - yes... I think it's voice-hands-drool-eyes-flesh-blood-ears-heart

How do you know? 

Just judging by the upload order on the original gamejolt page


Really? That’s weird, I could have sworn that Drool was first, that’s why it didn’t have a realistic scene. 

Drool does have a realistic scene, get caught by tammy and you can find it

actually drool is the third one :P



have really enjoyed these games!! thanks for making em 


big fan

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I only discovered Space Funeral last year (which had such a good sound selection that it propelled me to go on a personal journey of musical exploration) and so this series was a welcome new find. I binged it all in a day. Each episode always feels fresh and never repetitive, dangling newfound swords of damocles over BB's murder-prone head. They all capture well the otherworldly, unpredictable, and sometimes numinous feelings of dreams. It's also nice to see the episodes get gradually more technically complex and artistically refined. BB also just has an appealing art style and character- she's like a perverse Nancy Drew who runs headlong into mystery and certain death and yet somehow always pops out on the other end unscathed, having learned nothing other than that she won't be paid for any of her efforts. 

One comment from a design point(spoilers): I've found that chase sequences are a little less scary the further I go in the series because I know that if I get caught (or, at least feel this way. I try not to get caught) that BB will just get transported somewhere that will advance the plot. They're still mostly tense and anxiety-inducing, but I wonder if there's a way to counteract the player's gradual acclamation to this throughout the series (if this even should matter)? Anyway, this is a very minor point and this series is otherwise masterful in many ways. I can't wait for the next installment!

Also, I was very thankful to have watched that video of those guys eating at all the Rainforest Cafes so that I could appreciate the final episode better. 

Lookin' crazy good!

As one of the few people who knew it was you (I don't remember how I know; someone spoiled in the notes to a Tumblr post or a YouTube comment) I'm glad to see the cat out of the bag. These have been my favourite work of yours since Space Funeral


They were made by thecatamites??!! This is a real-life twist ending I never saw coming


Same, I was a fan of thecatamites a while ago, and recently discovered the killer series which I am also a fan of. This is great!

this was You the whole time????? are you joking me. amazing

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It's almost here!

I've only played the first 3 so far, but they're pretty good.


Edit: I've played them all now, can't wait for the last one!


Yesssss! I was hoping they would be collected in an anthology game! Art is cool too.


really love the posters for these

'narrative', sweet


hopefully there will be a remastered (with voice actors and secrets) in a future 

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oops, anyway i don't think expectations




why would you want that? they're fine as they are


I think I have had a nightmare of this once


A future modern classic series.


i am glad i played all episodes .. play all this game

thank you I love these games so much


Favourite franchise

This looks really cool!